• It is suitable for participants of all levels.
  • Group classes last for 90 min, if there is only one person participating – 60 min.
  • Hatha / basic Iyengar yoga, therapies, meditation, pranayama (breathing) , asana (poses) and shavasana ( deep relaxation) involves the application.
  • Parents with children in the course , will be the yoga teacher supervision in the remaining time.
  • For hours of courses you want to attend , please make a reservation.
  • If you wish to join Saturday class, please let us know one day before.
  • You can contact us for special classes and programs.
  • Our morning classes are women-only
  • Those who wish to join our evening classes must notify our studio before 15:00 on the day of the visit.


At this class you will learn the basics of yoga.  The main focus of this class is on standing positions (asanas), which make our body stronger and more flexible thus preparing it for practicing more complex asanas.

Apart from asanas that strengthen our back and limbs and those that aim leg-stretching, at the beginners level class we will work on upsidedown positions such as Sarvangasana and Halasana.  Practicing upsidedown asanas contributes to rejuvenation of the body and regulates the work of our endocrine system.  Yoga practice can’t be complete without upsidedown asanas, their role is very important.

By practicing yoga at the beginners level you will create the “structure”of your body, that is, you will improve your body’s posture and by doing it you will get rid of back-pain, round shoulders and so on.  Also you will learn to become aware of each part of your body and in the same time to see your body as a whole.  Your mind will learn to concentrate and you will feel it not only while doing yoga but also in your everyday life.

We recommend to attend yoga classes two times a week.  But if you feel need for daily practice, you can start to do yoga at home.  Individual practice is very important, even if you do yoga for 20 min every day, you will feel it’s positive effect on your health.


This program focuses on practicing yoga as a woman.

First, at these classes you will learn how to practice yoga during menstruation: for instance, during these special days you shouldn’t do upsidedown positions, complex twists or backward bending and some of other asanas should be practiced more smoothly.  That is why we recommend all women to join this program.  Like at all our classes, the content of the program changes from week to week, so that you can accomplish the program in a month.

Second, here we practice a number of asanas that are especially benificial to women’s health and help to get rid of various malfunctions and diseases of a woman body.  Also, these asanas help to reduce negative effects of climax.  By joining this program, you will find out how to adjust your yoga practice in accordance with your biological cycle.


These classes are for those, who have already accomplished the beginners level and are ready for more serious work.  This program is designed for people who practice yoga not only at our studio but also on their own.   Here we get to more complex asanas; upsidedown poses are practiced with variations.  Your body is ready not only for complex asanas, but also for learning the basics of work with breathing technics (pranayama).  Preparation to pranayama classes are held every 4th week of the month.

If you have started practicing yoga just recently, but your body is in perfect physical shape and you long for moving ahead you can join our Active Practice classes on a condition that you shall attend the beginners level classes at the same time – only this way your practice can be efficient.


One of the most distinct features of Iyengar Yoga is that it allows to practice yoga not only to those in good physical health and condition, but to everyone who truly wants to.  However, there are special medical conditions (such as hypertension, migren, joint diseases, scoliosis, some functional disorders, chronic fatigue) which require special approach which the practice in regular classes can not provide.  In such cases the optimal solution would be to join our Body Repair Program classes.

Before the first class you need to consult your yoga teacher and tell her in details about your health condition and what do you like to achieve.  In accordance with this information the techer will make a special program designed with regard to your individual condition and abilities.  The teacher wil adjust the program as you proceed according to the changes in your condition.

You may join one or several classes in order to learn how to use the auxilary materials for further use of them in your everyday practice.  For instance, in case of thyroid disfunction it is recommended to do Sarvangasana with the help of a chair in order to avoid unnecessary tension of the neck.  After you learn how to do it correctly in our class you can use chair and do this asana in your regular classes.

Individual approach requires special environment, that is why the capacity of Body Repair classes is limited to 5 people.  For that reason we kindly ask you to make a reservation before each class.

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