Multidimensional breath is a holistic approach that focuses on body and breathing, and by affecting all dimensions of the being creates powerful change and transformation.The technique of Multidimensional Breath involves applying the pressure to the trigger points that are located around our body while making the diaphragm muscle work with consequent breaths.  In this manner the person becomes aware of his/her bodily sensations, blocked energies are released, and the self-healing potential of the body is reactivated.

When we apply the technique of Multidimensional Breath that aims the awareness of all dimensions of our being we use our breathing, sensations, ability to feel and the power of self-healing.  We use our own resources to discharge load of stress and tension coming from the challenging experiences of our lives from both our physical and energy bodies.  As we advance in Multidimensional Breath we increase the awareness of our senses and body, learning to listen to our body and trust in its ability of self-healing.  And as our holistic well-being emerges with Multidimensional Breath technique the interaction with our surroundings becomes based on curiosity and the desire to explore rather than on fear.  We start to accept our all experiences as they are and live our lives more fully.

“Trigger Point” term was first used by Dr. Janet Travell in 1942, but the basis for that concept in Western medicine dates back to 1800s.  After 10 years of working with various breathing techniques and studying their effects on human body, Semra Bakioğlu, Sare Elçin and Esra Günaydın had realized the importance of trigger points theory and decided to combine it with breathing practices.  This approach, which became known as Multidimensional Breath, is a faster, more powerful and effective breathing technique and has been rapidly spreading in recent years.

The Multidimensional Breath practices are conducted by instructors and coaches affiliated to the Multidimensional Breath Association.


  • Those who need anger, stress and emotion management;
  • Those who want to bring balance in their lives;
  • Those who are passing important milestones in their lives:
    • Relationship: divorce, marriage, separation, etc
    • Health: PTSD, serious sickness (cancer, heart issues, diabetes, depression etc)
    • Professional life: getting fired, unemployment, etc
    • Loss: death, separation, financial or material losses
  • Those who have chronic pain (headaches, migraine, period-related, back and muscle pain, fascia, etc)
  • Those who experience breathing difficulties (shortness of breath, asthma, koa, etc)
  • Those who want to be free from their addictions (smoking, alcohol, substance, relationship, love etc)
  • People with recurrent negative life experiences
  • Those who wish to boost their self-confidence, inner peace, brevity, bring more joy to their lives
  • Those who want to use their power
  • People who want to activate their creativity
  • Those who want to balance masculine and feminine energy
  • Those who want to strengthen their connection with self and inner power.

All age groups can practice Multidimensional Breath.

How does Multidimensional Breath session proceed?

Multidimensional Breath session lasts for 2 hours in total:

Individual session: 1 hour of counseling + 1 hour Multidimensional Breath session

Group session: 45 min of pre and post session discussion + 1 hr 15 min Multidimensional Breath session

In individual sessions, a counseling session is conducted with the Multidimensional Breath Coach before the breathing session.  During the counseling part of the session, awareness is raised by talking about the topics that the person wants to consult about.  After warm-up exercises the Multidimensional Breath begins with lying down on a mat and taking consequent breaths through mouth.  In order to protect the atmosphere of a session and to concentrate on breathing more easily, the rhythmic session music is played in the background. MB Coach then starts to apply a static pressure to the trigger points, located around the body.  In this manner of breathing the work on the body continues for 45 min.  After that, through the nasal breath for 5 minutes, the person goes to rest.  During this period we make use of aromatic essential oils.  In the final 10 min of the session we return to normal breath to get to the state of deep relaxation. At the end of the session, the person is awakened by bringing the body to awareness with the guidance. Mutual sharing is done and feedback is given.

During a Multidimensional Breath session when the person proceeds to consequent nasal breaths aromatic oils are applied.  A specially chosen aromatic oil is warmed up in hands, then is given to a person to smell and then it is gently applied to the 3rd eye area right after the person passes to a consequent nasal breath to prepare the person for deep relaxation.