Yoga is not exactly a kind of sport, but incorporates the elements of sport activities.  Yoga empowers, regenerates and calms the mind and the body allowing reaching the inner bliss.  Yoga is a journey of discovering ourselves as a whole, it is a life-style.

Yoga is a re-birth.  The most important aim of Yoga is to renew a person to reach the simplicity and peace of mind.  The feeling of peace comes from practicing Asana (yoga postures) and Pranayama (breathing).   Unlike other kinds of physical exercise that stress muscles and bones, Yoga revives the body slowly.   By reviving the body, it helps your mind to stay away from the negative thoughts brought by modern-day living and refills your soul with hope and optimism.  Yoga will help you to overcome all difficulties and obstacles on your journey to perfect health and spiritual happiness.

Male or female, young or old, flexible or not so, thin or plump, children, fit or without any history of physical exercise: in short, everyone can do Yoga.


Anyone who practices yoga learns the limits of his/her own body.  And once you know your limit you should not push it.  Doing yoga under the guidance of experienced teachers in a correct and conscious manner does not have any risks for a person’s health.

While practicing yoga it is important that you can move freely and do not have to bother about your outfit.   That is why you should choose the clothes that a comfortable and do not restrain your body.

It is recommended to do yoga barefooted. In this manner we would be able to feel better different parts of our body.  With the increase in our body awareness we will start to love our physical selves more and to care better for our bodies.


Asanas should be practiced on empty stomach.  In the same way your bladder and bowls should be empty as well.  That is why at least 3 hours should pass since your last meal before you start practicing.  If you drank milk, coffee/tea or other beverage, at least an hour should pass before the yoga lesson.

It is not appropriate to wear strong perfume during a yoga class: while doing yoga our senses sharpen, and strong smells can bother other participants.

There are no prohibitions in Yoga.  After starting to do yoga, a student gets in a better touch with his/her body and mind and understands what is good for them and what is not.  As a result, those who do yoga give up their bad habits naturally.

Our lessons last approximately 1.5 hour.  For a start we recommended to have at least two sessions per week.

The respect to the master/teacher takes important place in most of Eastern philosophical teachings.  It is also impotent to be respectful and polite towards fellow students and ourselves.

There are organic yoga mats provided at our studio.  You should bring only your clothes and a small towel.  All personal items, which may distract your attention (such as mobile phones, water bottles, etc.) should not be brought to the lesson.

The most important aspect of children yoga is that the child can practice it in the atmosphere where s/he does not compete with anybody.  The perfection is not an ultimate aim, rather it is the participation.  Children who practice yoga develop better self-confidence and ability to express themselves more freely.

The first introduction to yoga can take place at prenatal stage of life while a future mother practices Pregnant Yoga.  The further introduction to yoga is done while doing Mother and Baby Yoga and Children Yoga.  Adult Yoga can be practiced throughout the life time.  That is why it can be said that there’s no age for doing yoga, it can be practiced by people of all ages.


Yoga has suitable movements for everyone.  Men and women can do the same movements, but there can be different approach of practicing asanas for each of the genders.

Of course you can.  As you practice yoga your concentration ability will increase.  At yoga lessons you will focus on your inner world and the experience of remaining in asanas (yoga postures) will enhance your ability to stay “in the moment”.

Yoga requires patience and with time you will see the increase in your abilities, but at the first lessons it’s not recommended to try the head-stand.

Yoga has many health benefits.  According to the research yoga even can heal some of the diseases.  But if you have a serious health issue, it is better to consult your doctor before starting yoga practice.

A yoga student must let herself/himself some time for learning how to get into asana correctly.  Yoga is not a race; there is no rivalry or hurry in it.  A person doing yoga should be in peace with herself/himself, aware of his/her limits and continue practicing with patience.

The most important aim of Yoga is to renew a person to reach the simplicity and peace of mind.  If you start practicing it under the guidance of a yoga teacher you will notice that with time your anxiety diminishes and finally goes away.  You will become a self-confident individual and this will positively affect many areas of your life.

Yoga will help you to overcome all difficulties and obstacles on your journey to perfect health and spiritual happiness.  A research has established that yoga was useful in treatment of panic attacks.  In fact, yoga can be a component of support treatment for many illnesses.

Since doing yoga corrects our body posture and enhances bodily balance it is known for being good for people with such problem.  But if you do not know the degree of severity of your hernia we advise you to consult your doctor first.

Yoga is a teaching that is able to help us in any kind of trouble – physical or psychological.  It brings us happiness, joy and inner peace; those who practice yoga are able to overcome various life difficulties with more ease than the rest of the people.  Yoga prepares us to the life of positiveness, helps to gain ideal health, and strengthens the mind and body.

Yoga has a number of known benefits.  According to the research yoga has a soothing effect and supports the process of recovery for some diseases.  Here are some benefits that yoga brings to our health:

  • Increase in bodily strength, threshold of tolerance and overall energy
  • Increase in flexibility of the body
  • Improvement of memory and cognitive skills; increase in self-confidence, decisiveness, overall awareness; improvement in social adjustment skills
  • Strengthening of breathing system; improvement in metabolism, work of blood circulation  and digestion systems; improvement in functioning of endocrine glands
  • Stimulation of muscles, inner organs, ligaments and tendons which in turn help to fight various diseases and pain

“Yoga” literally means “uniting” or “bringing pieces together”.  This complicated issue can be explained by 5 principles that form yoga’s essence.  With these 5 principles of yoga doctrine can illustrate what positive changes it adds to our lives:

  • Right kind of exercise is useful for a person’s body, mind and spiritual life.
  • Right way of breathing should be deep, slow, and rhythmic.  Right breathing enhances life force and clarity of the mind.
  • Right way of relaxing when one loosens deeply all the muscles can truly renew one’s nervous system and bring us to inner peace.
  • Right eating habits contribute to reaching ideal health and peace of mind, and also to sharpening of cognitive functions.
  • Right way of thinking and meditation allows controlling your mind perfectly through the systematical concentration and meditation exercises.

The major achievement in Yoga is not being able to put your foot behind your neck or do a head-stand; it is being able to be truly alone with yourself, may be for the first time.  The time spent for practicing yoga is probably the greatest gift you can give to yourself.  Yoga teaches us to ourselves so we start to remember our true selves, forgotten long time ago.  It takes us to the exploration of our physical and cognitive limits.  So we advise you to start this journey to experience the countless benefits of yoga.  And the first step in this journey is to find the right yoga teacher.  Under the guidance of experienced yoga teacher you will discover what you want to achieve and the teacher will help you to accomplish that goal.

You can feel positive effects of Yoga as soon as you start.  But to live these effects to a full extend one needs some time, and the duration varies from person to person.   The most right thing to do is to proceed along this pleasant path listening to your body, sensuality, and feeling of well-being.

 When we learn about breathing techniques used in yoga we understand that in fact we do not know how to breathe.   The most known benefits of using breathing techniques are:

  • They teach us how to use our brain;
  • Correction of cardiac rhythm and increase in body awareness;
  • We can learn to direct our thoughts and feelings with breathing techniques and become more healthy individuals by raising our perception of well-being and quality of our health.

We can not say that practicing yoga directly makes a person to loose weight; but it makes correct nutrition a part of our life.  Yogic nutrition is based on pure, natural and easy to digest food so it contributes to establishing correct eating habits.  Also practicing yoga promotes a more conscious relationship with our physical body and corrects metabolism.  All these in turn help us to loose extra kilos.

Practicing Yoga does contribute to muscle development; but unlike classical sports it does not make them swollen, rather it elongates muscles.  And this makes the body look thin and gracious.

Yoga does help to grow taller for ones who are still at developmental stage.  And for older people practicing asanas will make their spines more flexible, strong and healthy therefore giving a person a better posture.  A healthy straight posture does make a person look taller.