Benefits of Yoga


There is a direct relationship between doing exercise and good health, both physical and mental.  If a person regularly practices breathing techniques combined with physical movement s/he feels 12 years younger of her/his chronological age.  State of happiness boosts immunity level of our body thus helping us being healthier.  Through body movement and breathing training we achieve peace of mind, freedom, order and balance.  Yoga is joy and happiness.

There are plenty of known benefits of practicing yoga.  According to medical research yoga can heal some of the health problems.  And for other diseases it speeds up the process of recovery after a medical treatment.  Iyengar Yoga approach focuses closely on healing properties of Yoga.  That is why even people with limited physical health see positive changes in their state after starting practicing Iyengar Yoga.

To understand the healing potential of yoga we can look at the positive effects of practicing this art to the different aspects of our health.



Mental health benefits:

  • Increase in positive emotions and passionsiyengar7
  • Development of self-confidence and tolerance
  • Increase in self-perception as youthful and lively being
  • Development of learning and cognitive abilities
  • Mastering of positive and hopeful thinking
  • Reaching a happy mind and spiritual thinking

Physical health benefits:

  • Strengthening of muscles and tendons
  • Freedom in joints movement
  • Improvement in functions of digestion system
  • Increase of immunity
  • Improvement in functions of reproductive system
  • Placement of bones and joints into right positionomurga
  • Strengthening of low back
  • Increase in energy, overall strength and physical abilities
  • Improvement of cardiac health and in functions of blood circulation system

The benefits of right breathing and practicing breathing techniques:

  • Relief from stress and tension
  • Deep relaxation and ability to experience bliss instantly
  • Improvement in metabolism of the body and decreased heart rate